The Definition of Post Test Club The Definition of Post Test Club

What is Post Test Club? Post Test Club is a social support group for all clients tested whether infected with HIV or not. It was established to respond to the expressed needs of the tested clients for ongoing support. Membership Values; Membership is open to all clients who have taken the HIV test irrespective of their results. The principle of anonymity and confidentiality applies for those members who so wish. Members who have tested positive or negative and are willing to ? go public? to share their life testimonies are trained in public speaking .They promote the ? openness? i. e.. ,to declare publicly that he was infected with HIV. MISSION: To help sustain the behavior change process of persons who received voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) and serve as a forum for reducing stigma by providing education and information as well as support and counseling.. ,To promote openness about HIV/AIDS and enhance the psycho-social adjustments of those infected and affected. Goal: 1. To contribute to the national effort to prevent further spread of HIV/AIDS 2.To increase understanding of adolescence , sexuality and reproductive health. To promote s

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